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Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™

Price: $140.00
Weight: 5 oz

The Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™ complies with UL Standard 1439. It contains 44 handmade tape caps per box. The tape simulates the layers of skin on a finger. Each tape cap is designed to test for sharp edges and contains 3 preassembled tape layers and a center guideline on a plastic cap.

The tape cap slips on the pressure head of the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ for easy testing. The Tape Cap meets the UL Standard 1439 requirement of three tapes:

  • 1 layer of Foam Black Tape
  • 1 layer of Foam White Tape
  • 1 layer of Teflon® Tape

The Tape Cap also features a 1/16” wide guideline, which is on the center of the cap and helps the inspector performing the test to “center” the tape and the tool on the edge being tested.

Use of a three layered Tape Cap is the most efficient way for the inspector to easily and rapidly conduct multiple tests on the production line without having to install three different layers of tape on the tool prior to testing each individual item. Each time a test is performed with the Tape Cap, a cut Tape Cap can be quickly identified, removed, and replaced within seconds, thus enabling more tests in less time to facilitate inspection reports.

The Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™, comes with 44 handmade tape caps per box. This is especially convenient if the one tape cap that comes with the tester is cut during edge sharpness testing. That cut cap should be examined and discarded. These tape caps can be inserted and removed quickly from the head of the tester and are convenient on assembly line testing.

The Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™ Tape Caps are custom made for the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™. Our tape caps fit precisely, unlike other manufacturers’ tape caps that may be too small and throw off the calibration.

By ordering the Tape Cap Kit Model TC-3™ with the Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ at the same time, you’ll have a ready supply of Tape Caps and also save on additional shipping and handling costs if ordered at a later time.