Top 9 reasons to do business with us

How does purchasing the original Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ from Technical Engineering Service Corporation benefit our Customers?

1. Complies with U.L. Standard 1439
When you use our product you are assured it complies with UL standards.

2. Quality Product for Our Customers
We continually improve the product, ensuring it operates at maximum efficiency, offers greater strength and durability, is light weight, accurate, and an ever improving ease of use.

3. Made in the USA
-We provide high quality workmanship and jobs.
-Manufacturing standards are governed by American law.

4. Quick Lead Time and Sales Process.
All our products are in stock. We ship within 3-5 business days.

5. Light weight.
We worked hard to make our product light weight. This reduces fatigue for inspectors, and it is especially helpful during assembly line testing.

6. We can customize our products for you
We can work with you to customize our tester to your specifications. No other company does this. We understand your item may require us to provide more customization on our end to be properly tested.

7. We are the inventors and know our product
Because we are the inventors of Sharp Edge Tester Model SET-50™ you can be sure our product is precisely calibrated and will work according to Underwriter Laboratories specifications. We know the engineering as only the inventors could and have worked for over 40 years to give you only the most precise tool possible.

8. We provide exceptional customer service
-When you call you get a person on the phone, or if you leave a message, we’ll call back promptly or e-mail you with the requested information.
-We know our product, so we can understand your issues.
-We have systems in place to provide smooth deliveries for International customers.
-We have Personalized Customer Service or you can order through our website.
-We have over 40 years of working with clients to solve their problems. We know how to listen, and we have the expertise to solve your problems, too.

9. Easy Recalibration process
We provide recalibrations that are expert and prompt. We also provide suggestions to help you find a calibration laboratory near you.